• Real Estate

    Ontario in the 1990s modernized its system of registering almost all of the land and its ownership within the province. It moved from a very ancient system commonly referred to as the Registry Act System to an electronic/digital system that is part of the Torrens Regime. The Torrens Regime is named after its inventor, Sir […]

  • Valuing an Asset A Financial Planner or Insurance Agent’s book of Business

    We have represented on a number of occasions spouses who either are financial planners or are separating from one. Financial planners are undergoing a seismic consolidationshift in their industry. Financial planners overseeing a set of assets of even thirty milliondollars may find themselves as being deemed to be too small to be worth the trouble […]

  • Going to Jail or having your Driver’s Licence Suspended for Non-Payment of Support

    Child and Spousal Support enforcement is almost the exclusive jurisdiction of a Government Agency called the Family Responsibility Office (“FRO”). The Family Responsibility Office is both a blessing and a curse. It is free, it is imbued with vast powers, including suspending a defaulting payors’driver’s license, seizing their passport and even incarceration. The negative aspect […]

  • What if my Will is Lost Wills and Estates

    At Dale Streiman Law LLP, we offer our clients at no charge the ability to store their original Wills and Powers of Attorney with our office. All clients receive an electronically scanned fully signed copy of the Will, but this is not a replacement for the original Will. Some of our clients take their Wills […]

  • Changing your Child’s Surname

    Your average reader would be surprised to learn that when one parent has sole custody of a child pursuant to either a court order or separation agreement, they have the unilateral ability to simply apply to a provincial government agency (The Registrar General) to change the surname of the child. They do not require the […]

  • Selling the Family Home

    PLEASE FORGIVE THE SEXIST GENERALIZATIONS- THE PARTITION ACT The husband has moved out leaving the wife and children behind in the matrimonial home. In this era of hyper real estate inflation, the matrimonial home may be the largest asset owned within the family. After the guilt has subsided, what does one do when the husband […]

  • Joint Venture Common Law Property Claims

    As faithful readers of this website will have noted that common law couples who have property claims against each other, must use various equitable claims against the other in the absence of their entitlement to relief under the Family Law Act. While The Family Law Act grants very similar spousal and child support rights to […]

  • How Do I Change How Much Support I Pay – Material Change In Circumstances

    It is common, as life moves on that either the payor or the recipient’s financial situation changes after an agreement or court order has been made. People become sick, lose their jobs, enjoy significant increases in pay, remarry and the like. The method for effecting a change to an existing agreement or court order, may […]

  • Parental Alienation – An Unprecedented Twist

    Parental alienation involves the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent and/or other family members. It is characterized as a distinctive and widespread form of psychological abuse and family violence. It occurs almost exclusively in association with family separation or divorce. Most commonly, the primary cause is […]

  • Pets as Property, Not Children

    Few of us can dispute the fact that in many families, our pets are elevated beyond the status of simple property to that of family members. Many of us receive Christmas cards allegedly signed by the family dog. However, when marriages fall apart, the courts are the very last place to look to for any […]

  • Power of Attorney – Property

    There are two types of Powers of Attorney available under the Substitute Decision Act enacted in 1992. One is a power of attorney over property. The term “Property” can be misleading to the average lay person. “Property” does not refer to simply real estate and a home but rather anything of value that the grantor […]

  • New Home Warranty Act

    The following summary is for information purposes and very important to any purchasers of new homes or condominiums in Ontario. Tarion Warranty Corp. is designated by statute under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act to administer consumer protection and has the authority to administer new home warranties for purchasers of properties. It is a […]