A blog to drive
Date: 13 May, 2024| Author: Fred Streiman

As Estate Lawyers, aka Estate Litigation Lawyers known in the USA as Estate Litigation Attorneys we cannot help but observe the human condition.  Our hope is one will find helpful information among the many blog articles posted on our website and to hopefully convince potential clients that we have some degree of knowledge about the complicated legal areas of Wills, Estates and Estate Litigation.

An unspoken aspect of these blogs is that in addition to informing our readers is to attract clients to our firm.

However, this is a blog article that is pointedly directed at attempting to dissuade individuals from retaining our firm or any other before one enters the slippery arena of estate litigation. More than once, I have been silently amazed when supposedly loving siblings or other family members come to do legal battle over money rather than the real treasure at hand, namely family relationships. It is as if siblings grow on trees.

This was all recently prompted by a response from a client Ms. Diane A.  She declined pursuing a potential action against her siblings by stating “I don’t want to destroy family relationships over money”.

This caused me to attempt to find other quotes on the subject. There are many, but a few that I felt were worth repeating.

Money is a good servant but a terrible master, especially when it overrules family.

When it’s a matter of money or family, remember, they print money every day.

Fortune without a family to share is a treasure without value.

Poor is the man who chooses gold over family bonds.

In the arithmetic of life, family is an asset that never depreciates.

Sacrificing family for fortune is a trade, poorest among all.

Family is the anchor that holds; money is just the tide that comes and goes.

Exchanging family ties for currency notes is a poor bargain indeed.

Money is a replaceable asset, family isn’t.

And finally, the quotes that in my opinion say it best:

Money can buy many things, but it can’t replace the joy of a family dinner.

Can money buy the laughter that echoes in a family gathering? Never.