End of Life, Hospital and Home Visits

Date: 07 Aug, 2015| Author: Fred Streiman

Regularly, our firm is asked if we will make a hospital visit or go to a client’s home when they are not well enough to come to our offices.

While we are happy to do so, this incurs extra fees. Almost always the lawyer is accompanied by a law clerk as issues of capacity lurk in the background and the views of both a lawyer and an experienced law clerk are very important.

We have had the privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility repeatedly and we take it very seriously. Often time is of the essence and we take careful heed of the very short time lines that are often involved. It takes a delicate and sensitive hand to deal with clients who are often at the end of their lives, who have left drafting a Will or Powers of Attorney far too long, yet the necessity remains.

These are circumstances which are far from ideal and because the extra care and attention that is required and often the urgency that is involved, the legal fees are greater than the norm.

The end of life is rarely a kind or happy time in ones’ lifecycle, but it is a process that we approach with the gravity it deserves. We would be pleased to assist and for further information, contact either Fred Streiman 905-455-7300 ext. 231 or his law clerk Nelia Senra at ext. 226.